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About Us

Click Clean & Pest Control started operations in the year 2010 and our experience spans
close to a decade in the cleaning and pest control services domain.
Now, when we say that we engage in both cleaning services as well as pest control and
pest management services, it may seem like two ends of a spectrum and it is but natural or
you would be curious to know what are the services we offer in the cleaning regime as well
as in the world of pest control service.

Are you looking to get your carpet and Rug cleaned today? You are at the right place.
Brisbane Clickclean is ready to become your one stop destination for all your carpet
cleaning needs.If you are suffering from carpet cleaning, flood, water damage or
emergency, call us to get 24 hours emergency service!

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Our Services

When talking about the services extended by Click Clean and Pest Control, it does not seem to follow a set pattern or approach.
In fact we offer three distinct services that can be broken down into a further four subsections as follows:

Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Water Damage Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a must-do and cannot be avoided or you cannot put it off for too long. If you engage
an expert carpet cleaners in Brisbane to take care of the carpet cleaning in your Brisbane place
regularly, not only will your carpets be dust and dirt-free, but it will also be grime-free and stain-free too.
And most of all, your Brisbane house carpets will look and smell fresh.

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Upholstery Cleaning

  • Lounge Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Car Seat and Carpet Cleaning

All of us spend a long time on our couches, sofas, lounge chairs, and more in our homes in
Brisbane. So it is but natural that the fabric on the upholstery will slowly start showing signs
of dirt, dust, stains, spillage, pet fur and what not. So, it is imperative and much required that
periodic upholstery cleaning is carried out in your place in Brisbane.

Service Details

Bond Cleaning

  • Pre-Sales Cleaning
  • Move-In/Out Cleaning
  • Pre-Inspection Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning

Are you moving out of your property and looking for professional bond cleaners in Brisbane? Then look
no further than ClickClean & Pest Control. We at ClickClean & Pest Control know about the importance of
bond cleanin and are more than adept at taking care of it the best way possible. Most of all, you can be
sure that you will definitely get your bond money back and there will not be any issues whatsoever.

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Pest Control Services

  • Termite Inspections and Protection
  • Pre-House Sale Inspections
  • Post-House Sales Inspections
  • Pest Control management

Pests are a bane and a problem to people, health and property. And that is why it has to be eradicated
fast before they infest your space and destroy property and cause health issues to the residents. And if
pests have invaded your domain, then the first step is to find a pest control service, to help eliminate them
and that is where, ClickClean & Pest Control steps in.

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Why Choose Us?

Our biggest priority is our client’s satisfaction and this is something that we work towards and endeavour for too.
And in all the years of our service, our commitment and reliability has really worked in our favour.
Whatever we do, we ensure that we achieve the best results possible


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